The Ritz-Carlton Reserve Story

Ritz-Carlton Reserve was established in 2013 as the exclusive brand extension of The Ritz-Carlton.  It was designed as a one-of-a-kind boutique resort within a hand-selected destination that elevates the exotic getaway experience to a more exclusive aspirational level.

There are currently only three captivating corners in the world that are deserving of the Reserve name at this time and this resort community in Los Cabos is the newest recipient of such distinguished recognition.  The Ritz-Carlton Reserve hotel and Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residences are hideaways that blend together the culture, history and heritage of its setting.

In every location, Reserve Residence owners’ voyage of discovery are complemented by legendary service they have come to expect from The Ritz-Carlton.  Reserve enhances that experience with bespoke ideas and perspectives, giving its discerning guests and residence owners – Experience Collectors – a truly memorable chapter to add to their lifestyle repertoire.

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